Lakebright Allied Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Lakebright is a well-known company in Indian corporate and reputed brand name in point – of use system in water purification. Which is registered from MCA(Ministry of Corporate Affairs). It is one of the most trusted water purifier company in India. We are pleased to inform you that we are one of the fastest-growing brands of domestic RO water purifiers with a wide variety of products, designed with intensive technology to provide the right quality product at a reasonable competitive price. Lakebright RO water purifier provides a multistage purification system and 100% pure drinking water.

Multistage Purification System

Stage 1st – Prefilter Prefilter is used to reduce the largest size of particles in the water.

Stage 2nd – Sediment Filter sediment filter is used to reducing physical particles that are largest than a particular size from source water.

Stage 3rd – Carbon Filter carbon filter used to adsorb the natural organic compounds.

Stage 4th – RO Membrane RO membrane is used to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. It also reduces TDS 90 %.

Stage 5th – UV light It is used for disinfecting bacteria.

Stage 6th – UF filter It is a variety of membrane filters in which forces like pressure or concentration gradients lead to separation on through a semi-permeable member. It is used to remove particles.

Stage 7th – Alkaline Filter It helps slow down the aging process, regulate the PH level of the body and prevent various chronic diseases.

Stage 8th – TDS controller It is used for controlling the TDS of water.